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To draw a rectangle or square

  • turned_in_notRectangle Related Tag
    • <rect>


Used to draw a rectangle or square on svg, default fill color is black

  • For square, set width = height

Basic Rectangle

Circular Rectangle

Syntax - For basic rectangle

<rect x="point" y="point" width="length" height="length" />

Syntax - For circular rectangle

<rect x="point" y="point" rx="length" ry="length" width="length" height="length" />
  • label_outlineRectangle Attributes
    • x - Start point at x-axis
    • y - Start point at y-axis
    • rx - Radius of all corners along x-axis
    • ry - Radius of all corners along y-axis
    • width - Width length of rectangle
    • height - Height length of rectangle
<svg height="100" width="200">
  <rect x="10" y="10" width="180" height="80" 
Basic Rectangle

<svg height="100" width="200">
  <rect x="10" y="10" rx="20" ry="20" width="180" 
        height="80" style="stroke:red;fill:#ffe1b4;"/>
Circular Rectangle

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