Extra Reference

  • turned_in_notMethods
    get()To set/get selector element details via javaScript DOM properties and methods
    index()To get the index position of specified selector element relative to its parent
    toArray()To get all selector element inside an array
    $.each()To access the array, object & array of object values
    $.extend()To merge the contents of two or more objects together into the first object
    $.isArray()To check whether the argument is an array or not
    $.inArray()To get index of 1st matched specific value within an array & returns -1 as index, if not found
    $.isEmptyObject()To check whether an object is empty or not
    $.isPlainObject()To check whether an argument is an object or not
    $.merge()To merge the contents of two arrays together into the first array
    $.noConflict()To release the hold on to the $ shortcut identifier so that it will not conflict with other javaScript libraries using $ sign

  • turned_in_notProperties
    jqueryTo get the jQuery version number
    jQuery.fx.offTo globally enable/disable all animations displaying effect
    lengthTo get the total number of selected selector element
    jQuery.fnTo add custom properties and methods to jQuery object
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