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Effect methods are being used to do some effect based action on selected elements

hide()To hide an visible element
show()To show an hidden element
toggle()To toggle an element between Hide and Show
fadeOut()To hide an visible element
fadeIn()To show an hidden element
fadeToggle()To toggle an element between fadeIn and fadeOut
fadeTo()To fade the visible element till opacity value
slideDown()To slideDown an element
slideUp()To slideUp an element
slideToggle()To toggle an element between slideDown and slideUp
animate()To animate an element
delay()To delay the element effects
finish()To finish the element animation made by jQuery
stop()To stop the element animation made by jQuery
queue()To show the queue of animation run on the selected elements
dequeue()To run the queue() function, at the placed position of animation
clearQueue()To clear the pending methods in the queue

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