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Used to attach events to your selected element

click()To attach the click event
dblclick()To attach the double click event
mouseenter()To attach the mouseenter event
mouseleave()To attach the mouseleave event
mousedown()To attach the mousedown event
mouseup()To attach the mouseup event
mouseover()To attach the mouseover event
mouseout()To attach the mouseout event
mousemove()To attach the mousemove event
hover()To attach both, mouseenter and mouseleave event
keypress()To attach the keypress event
keydown()To attach the keydown event
keyup()To attach the keyup event
blur()To attach the form blur event
change()To attach the form change event
focus()To attach the form focus event
focusin()To attach the form focusin event
focusout()To attach the form focusout event
select()To attach the form select event
submit()To attach the form submit event
on()To attach multiple events to every selected element
one()To attach multiple events and run each attached events once for each element
off()To remove events attached via on() method
ready()To attach the ready event
resize()To attach the window resize event
scroll()To attach the scroll event
trigger()To execute all handlers and behaviors attached to an element for an event
triggerHandler()To execute all handlers attached to an element for an event
$.proxy()To take a existing function and returns a new one that will always have a particular context

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