Event Object Reference

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Used in attached events (to selected element) to access event object features

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    currentTargetTo get the current DOM element on which event was attached
    dataTo access the additional data passed inside an event
    delegateTargetTo get the element on which current jQuery event handler was attached
    namespaceTo get the custom namespace when the event was triggered
    pageXTo get the mouse pointer position, relative to left (pageX) edge of the document
    pageYTo get the mouse pointer position, relative to top (pageY) edge of the document
    relatedTargetTo get the element, which was being entered or exited on mouse movement events or focus related events(blur, focusout, focus, focusin)
    resultTo get the last value returned by an event handler triggered by specific event
    targetTo get DOM element on which an event was triggered
    timeStampTo get the time difference since browser created the event, in milliseconds
    typeTo know which type of event was triggered
    whichTo get the keyboard character key ASCII integer-value, or mouse key code constants

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