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AttributeUsed inDescription
accept<input>Specifies the accepting file type (only for Input type="file")
accept-charset<form>Specifies the character encoding for the form submission
action<form>Specifies the page URL where to send the form data while submitting
alt<area>  <img>  <input>Specifies alternate text if elements data fails to load
async<script>Specifies that the script is executed asynchronously (only for external scripts)
autocomplete<form>  <input>Specifies the browser to predict the value when user start typing in the input field
autofocus<button>  <input>  <select>  <textarea>Specifies that the element should automatically get focus when the page loads
autoplay<audio>  <video>Specifies that the audio/video will start playing automatically when page loads
charset<meta>  <script>Specifies the character encoding
checked<input>Specifies the pre-selected values by default (only for type="checkbox" or type="radio")
cite<blockquote>  <del>  <ins> <q>Specifies the reference URL of the text
cols<textarea>Specifies width of textarea
colspan<td>  <th>Specifies the number of columns a table cell should span
content<meta>Specifies the value associated with the http-equiv or name attribute
controls<audio>  <video>Displays the controls
coords<area>Define the coordinates of the area
data<object>Specifies the object file link
datetime<del>  <ins>  <time>Specifies the date and time
default<track>Specifies the default track
defer<script>Specifies the script to be executed when the page has finished parsing (only for external scripts)
disabled<button>  <fieldset>  <input> <optgroup>  <option>  <select> <textarea>Disable the specified elements
dirname<textarea>Specifies the text direction via 'dir' attribute of the text-area which will be submitted
download<a>  <area>Able to download when a user clicks on the hyperlink
enctype<form>Specifies how the form data should be encoded while submitting (only for method="post")
for<label>  <output>Specifies which form element(s) a label/calculation is bound to
form<button>  <fieldset>  <input>  <label>  <meter>  <object> <output>  <select>  <textarea>Specifies the form name, the element belongs to
formaction<button>  <input>Specifies page link where to send the form data when submitted
formenctype<button> <input>Specifies the form data encoded before sending it to server
formmethod<button> <input>Specifies how to send form data
formnovalidate<button> <input>Specifies that the form data should not be validated
formtarget<button> <input>Specifies where to open the response after submitting the form
height<canvas>  <embed>  <iframe>  <img>  <input>  <object>  <svg>  <video>Specifies the height of the element
high<meter>Specifies the high value
href<a>  <area>  <base>  <link>Specifies the page URL it goes to
hreflang<a>  <area>  <link>Specifies the language of the linked file/page
http-equiv<meta>Specifies the HTTP header for the information of the content attribute
ismap<img>Specifies an image as a server-side image-map
kind<track>Specifies the kind of track
label<track>  <option>  <optgroup>Specifies the title of the element
list<input>Specifies pre-defined options for an <input> element
loop<audio>  <video>Specifies that the audio/video will start again and again after it finishes
low<meter>Specifies the lowest value
max<input>  <meter>  <progress>Specifies the maximum value
maxlength<input>  <textarea>Specifies the maximum number of characters allowed in an element
media<a>  <area>  <link>  <source>  <style>Specifies what media or device the linked document is optimized for
method<form>Specifies the method type when submitting the form to the server
min<input>  <meter>Specifies a minimum value
multiple<input>  <select>Specifies that a user can select multiple files or options
muted<video>  <audio>Used to mute the volume of media
name<button>  <fieldset>  <form>  <iframe>  <input>  <map>  <meta> <object>  <output>  <param>  <select>  <textarea>Specifies the name of the element
novalidate<form>Specifies that the form should not check for validation when submitted
open<details>Specifies that the details should be visible to the user
optimum<meter>Specifies the optimal value
pattern<input>Specifies a pattern that the<input> element value is checked against
placeholder<input>  <textarea>Specifies a hint to the user
poster<video>Specifies an image to be shown until user play the video
preload<audio>  <video>Specifies how the audio/video should be loaded when the page loads
readonly<input>  <textarea>Specifies that the element is read-only
rel<a>  <area>  <link>Specifies the relation between the current and the linked document
required<input>  <select>  <textarea>Specifies that the element must be filled before submitting the form
reversed<ol>Specifies that the list should be in descending order
rows<textarea>Specifies the visible height of text area
rowspan<td>  <th>Specifies the number of rows a table cell should span
sandbox<iframe>Provides an extra set of restrictions for the content in an <iframe>
selected<option>Specifies the pre-selected value when page loads
shape<area>Specifies the shape of the area
size<input>  <select>Specifies the visible width (for <input>) or the number of visible options (for <select>)
span<col>  <colgroup>Specifies the number of columns to span
src<audio>  <embed>  <iframe>  <img>  <input>  <script>  <source>  <track> <video>Specifies the link of the media file
srcdoc<iframe>Specifies the HTML content of the page to show in the <iframe>
srclang<track>Specifies the language of the track
srcset<img>  <source>Specifies the link of the image to be used in different situations
start<ol>Specifies the starting value of an ordered list
step<input>Specifies the interval value for an input field
target<a>  <area>  <base>  <form>Specifies where to open the linked document or where to submit the form
type<button>  <embed>  <input>  <object>  <script> <source>  <style>  <link>Specifies the type of element
usemap<img>  <object>Specifies an image as a client-side image-map
value<button>  <input>  <li>  <option> <meter>  <progress>  <param>Specifies the value of the element
width<canvas>  <embed>  <iframe>  <img>  <input>  <object>  <svg>  <video>Specifies the width of the element
wrap<textarea>Specifies the text to be wrapped in textarea

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