HTML !!!

Easy to learn, great for starters if you wanna be a Web Designer or a Web Developer

  • Color Codes
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  • grade Above color codes are used in this tutorial
  • subjectThis Symbol will show you the source code of the initial output


We want you to write and run the html scripts on your own computer/PC so that you can modify or execute the html codes even you are off-line and for that, you need

  • Text Editor You can use any text editor (like notepad in windows)
  • Web Browser To run the html files
  • You can use any operating system (like Windows, Linux, macOS )
  • Tips! You can use any popular text editors like VS Code, Sublime Text, Notepad++, Brackets, Geany

Web Browsers

Popular Web Browsers, You can use any Browser to run your CSS file along with your web page.

Browsers Supports
SafariMicrosoft EdgeMozilla FirefoxChromeOpera Mini

Click on the above icon to see the name of the browser !

  • Tips! Always try to use latest version of browser

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