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  • turned_in_notProperties
    fillStyleTo set/get the drawing fill color, gradient or pattern
    filterTo change the visual effect of shape, text, path, image or anything drawn on canvas
    fontTo set/get the text font style
    globalAlphaTo set/get the transparency of drawing
    globalCompositeOperationTo set/get, how a new drawing are drawn onto an existing old drawing
    lineCapTo set/get the stroke end type
    lineDashOffsetTo set/get the outline position negative or positive directions along their axis
    lineJoinTo set/get the stroke joint corner type
    lineWidthTo set/get the stroke width
    miterLimitTo set/get the maximum 'miter' length value of 'lineJoin' property
    shadowBlurTo set/get the shadow blur
    shadowColorTo set/get the shadow color
    shadowOffsetXTo set/get the position of shadow along X-axis
    shadowOffsetYTo set/get the position of shadow along Y-axis
    strokeStyleTo set/get the drawing outline color, gradient or pattern
    textAlignTo set/get the text alignment
    textBaselineTo set/get text baseline

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